Rite of Passage Songs

In the summer of 1988 there were no places for ground level, grass roots rock’n’roll bands to play in Las Cruces, NM. There was a loose gang of musicians around ranging from the fairly experienced to the absolute beginner. We made our scene at house parties and the rehearsal rooms set up in converted storage sheds or even more crucial in my own musical development, on front porches playing battered acoustic guitars learning the language I still speak today. Continue reading “Rite of Passage Songs”

Runberg Lane Priest Candy

My wife called this picture “Runberg Lane Priest Candy”. That came from a story I told her about a time in the early 90’s when I was bricking houses and living in an efficiency apartment on North Loop in Austin. It seemed the more negligent I was about taking care of things and the poorer the decisions I made, the worse my luck seemed to get. I had let the brakes get so bad on the Oldsmobile Cutlass I was driving that after heading over to a friends house to pick up a piece of mail that tracked me down in those pre-internet days my foot went all the way to the floor as I braked to make a left turn. I nursed the Cutlass to a gas station where I filled up the brake fluid and journeyed home. Continue reading “Runberg Lane Priest Candy”